Bebe Rexha on ‘Queenpins’ and the Secret to Playing a Badass Hacker


With Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly’s Queenpins currently spilling on Paramount+ for supporters in the United States, I as of late addressed Bebe Rexha about playing a baddass programmer in her first film job. In the event that you haven’t seen the trailer, Queenpins is enlivened by a genuine story and stars Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as dearest companions that start a multi-million dollar coupon trick. As you would envision, this sort of activity draws the premium of law authorization and it’s up to a misfortune counteraction official (Paul Walter Hauser) from a nearby grocery store chain not really settled U.S. postal monitor (Vince Vaughn) to sort out how a great many dollars in coupons are flooding the market. Queenpins likewise stars Joel McHale and Stephen Root.

During the meeting, she discussed why she needed to make her acting presentation in the film, the key to playing a boss programmer, how everybody can identify with coupons, what astounded her with regards to making her first film, and the manner in which making a film resembles recording a melody.


Watch what she needed to say in the player above and underneath is actually what we discussed followed by the authority abstract.

What is the key to playing a boss programmer?

  • How the attire and hairpiece assisted her with turning into the person.

How could she engage in the task?

  • What attracted her to make this her first film.
  • How everybody can identify with coupons.

What shocked her with regards to making a film that she wasn’t anticipating?

  • The manner in which making a film resembles recording a melody.
  • queenpins-paul-walter-hauser-vince-vaughn-social-featuredImage through STXfilms

Here is the authority summary for Queenpins.

Motivated by a genuine story, Queenpins is an absurd parody about an exhausted and baffled rural homemaker, Connie (Kristen Bell), and her best buddy JoJo (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), a vlogger with dreams, who transform a diversion into a multi-million-dollar fake coupon trick. Subsequent to shooting a letter to the combination behind a container of oat gone lifeless, and getting a statement of regret alongside many gifts, the couple incubates an unlawful coupon club plot that tricks millions from super organizations and conveys arrangements to armies of individual coupon trimmers. On the path to add up to coupon strength, a hapless misfortune counteraction official (Paul Walter Hauser) from the neighborhood store chain unites not set in stone U.S. postal reviewer (Vince Vaughn) close behind of these recently stamped “Queenpins” of pink-collar wrongdoing.

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