Brookline offers opportunities to register for the food coupon program


The Brookline Department of Public Health is offering extra freedoms for low-pay Brookline occupants to enlist for the food coupon program at the Brookline Farmers’ Market.

Brookline people and families who live in Brookline Housing Authority destinations, or whose family pay meets government neediness rules, are qualified to take an interest. Qualifying people or families might enlist:


People and groups of two will get $40 in coupons to buy the new organic products, vegetables, and other food items. Families of at least three will get $80 in coupons. Coupons will be legitimate at the Farmers’ Market through Oct. 28.

The Department of Public Health as of late got a $43,000 award from the Kresge Foundation to make the Farmers’ Market more open to low-pay families. The award gives coupons to 500 Brookline occupants and their families for the 2021 Farmers’ Market season.


Brookline was one of 18 neighborhood wellbeing divisions cross country to be granted an award subsequent to taking part in the Kresge Foundation’s Emerging Leaders in Public Health program. The award is important for $2.1 million in subsidizing gave to associations to help their COVID-19 reaction and recuperation work, support immunization rates and address wellbeing imbalances.

Haverhill inhabitant Graciela Trilla won the Buttonwoods Museum’s yearly “Clergyman your own Exhibit” contest. Trilla’s triumphant display includes her family’s assortment of craftsmanship by Puerto Rican specialists from the 1950s. The bilingual display named “La Generación de Los Cincuentas,” which means “The Generation of the ’50s” highlights 26 pieces made in an assortment of mediums including drawing, painting, banners, and conventional Puerto Rican mundillo materials.

The Brookline Farmers’ Market season proceeds through Nov. 18. For more data about the market, visit

For questions or additional data, contact Lynne Karsten at [email protected] or 617-730-2336, or Darlene Johnson at [email protected] or 617-730-2300.

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