Farmers Market

Farmers Market coupons available at Office for the Aging


Anybody 60 years or more established and pay qualified can get a Famers Market coupon booklet from the Office for the Aging.

The booklets are accessible at 2 Bank St., Batavia, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Pay rules:

  • One individual in the family, $1,986 month to month
  • Two individuals, $2,686 month to month
  • Three individuals, $3,386 month to month

Elsie Livermore, 82, of Sinclairville appreciates spending some portion of her summers visiting region ranchers markets like the one behind the Senior Citizens Center in Dunkirk.

There, Elsie got a few peaches and eggplant for her Italian caponata formula.

“Now and again in the stores, you can’t make it appear as though this does, and I’m simply happy they got this accessible,” said Elsie. “This is the rancher’s market coupon. I have $20 worth.”

Elsie is one of the thousands of more seasoned Americans across the state who take an interest in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program and utilize the coupons in return for new foods grown from the ground.

While some get their coupons at the site, others like Elsie stretched out beyond time.

Here’s the manner by which the cycle works.

Before the dissemination, every Office for Aging Services gets the materials from the state and starts constructing the coupon booklets.

Everyone incorporates five $4 coupons, planned basically for more seasoned grown-ups beyond 60 years old who are pay qualified.

“To expand their utilization of produce,” said Lacey Wilson, Chautauqua County Office for Aging Services sustenance and wellbeing organizer. “What’s more, it likewise obviously upholds our nearby producers. The regardless of area you’re in, you ought to have the option to snag your neighborhood Office for Aging and they would have the option to get you the data on the most proficient method to get your own coupon booklet.”


When the booklets are finished, Lacey and her staff drive them to different areas across the region, similar to the Senior Center in Sinclairville — which is the place where Elsie had the option to get hers.

She was one of the numerous seniors who arranged and rounded out the qualification structures, complete with a rundown of the market areas.

“I believe it’s vital,” said Elsie. “A significant number of us don’t have the fortitude to purchase new stuff. What’s more, on the off chance that we have the coupons, that makes a difference. They’re utilizing the ranchers in our space to disperse this.”

Like Fred Farms out of Dunkirk, one of numerous that have many sections of land of yields, yet in addition begin planting in their nurseries in March to prepare for the neighborhood markets.

It’s where those like Elsie can find old companions and keep on developing connections.

“We simply don’t see these individuals except if we do run into them,” said Elsie. “At a wedding, burial service or the ranchers market. Along these lines, it’s extraordinary.”

Elsie additionally urges others to join and exploit the program.

“Seniors for the most part, since it’s difficult for us to get to the store now and then,” said Elsie. “Yet, anyone could simply profit by this.”

Also, when she’s totally done shopping, it has returned to Sinclairville to get a leap on the eggplant caponata.

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program runs until November 30. State nourishment pioneers say most products of the soil are normally low in calories and give fundamental supplements and dietary fiber. They may likewise assume a part in forestalling certain constant sicknesses.

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