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Farmers’ Market Coupons are still available for the 2021 Senior


The Niagara County Office for the Aging has started disseminating Farmers’ Market coupon booklets at locales all through Niagara County. A predetermined number of Farmers’ Market Coupons are as yet accessible for the 2021 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

The Clinton County Office for the Aging has around 40 booklets out of an aggregate of 760 remainings.


“It’s an organization with the New York Department of Agricultural Markets and the New York State Office for Aging,” Darleen Collins, head of the Clinton County Office for the Aging, said.

“They’re conveyed out through the space offices on maturing. JCEO assists us with conveying the coupons. It’s a synergistic exertion between our office and JCEO to get them all appropriate.”


People should be 60 years old or more established, and meet pay rules to be qualified, as indicated by a pres discharge.

Pay limits are $1,986 for a one-individual family; $2,686 for a two-man family; or $3,386 for a three-man family.

One coupon book for each qualified senior in the family, while supplies last.


Coupons may be recovered at taking an interest in ranchers’ business sectors and homestead stands. A rundown of taking interest markets and homestead stands will be incorporated with the coupons.

Coupons might be reclaimed for privately developed, new leafy foods.

“We’re getting low, which is ideal in light of the fact that getting them in the possession of our customers is the thing that we attempt to do,” Collins said.

“Every coupon booklet has five watches that are esteemed at $4 each, for a $20 incentive for every coupon booklet.

It’s a program that assists seniors with gaining admittance to good food and simultaneously it is additionally helping our neighborhood ranchers.”


Qualified people that have not yet accepted their coupons during the current year might call JCEO Senior Outreach at 518-561-6310 to orchestrate conveyance of the coupons.

The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program, given by the state Department of Agriculture and Markets, gives coupons to all who meet age and pay necessities. Every booklet contains five coupons worth $4 each ($20 all out) which can be utilized to purchase new privately developed products of the soil at partaking ranchers’ business sectors all through New York State.

To qualify of coupons, seniors should be 60 years old and either qualified for get, SSI, Public Assistance, SNAP, or Section 8 Housing endowment OR be inside month to month pay rules as follows:

• $1,986 for a one-individual family,

• $2,686 for a two-man family

• $3,386 for a three-man family

“We especially empower seniors across Niagara County who quality to exploit these coupons and buy new leafy foods from our neighborhood ranchers,” said Darlene DiCarlo, head of the Office for the Aging. “We have circulating at destinations across the area to make it simple to get your coupons.”

Impending dispersion destinations include:

• TODAY — 12:30 to 1L30 p.m. Willows Senior Housing, 3990 Forest Parkway, North Tonawanda

• THURSDAY — 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. St. Isaac Jogues Senior Housing, 7200 Williams Road, Niagara Falls

• SATURDAY — 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lockport Community Farmers Market, 57 Canal Street, Lockport

• MONDAY — 11 a.m. to early afternoon, Lockport Senior Ctr. Assemble Site, 33 Ontario St.

• TUESDAY — 10 a.m. to early afternoon, Mt. Zion Church, 1353 Calumet Ave, Niagara Falls

• AUG. 18 — 2 to 6 p.m. Lockport Community Farmers Market, 57 Canal Street, Lockport

• AUG. 18 — 10 a.m. to early afternoon, NT Farmers Market, Robinson St., North Tonawanda

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