‘Mastermind’ behind $31 million counterfeit coupon fraud is going to prison, feds say


Lori Ann Talens coincidentally found the dim underside of fake couponing apparently unintentionally. In letters to the court, the 41-year-old mother of three said she was the overseer of a coupon devotees bunch on Facebook before she figured out how to make counterfeit ones and got selected on the dull web.

After three years, investigators said, she was running one of the most productive fake coupon plans ever.


Talens was condemned Tuesday to 12 years in government jail after she confessed to misrepresentation charges recently. An appointed authority recently gave her prospective ex, Pacifico Talens, a sentence of seven years and 90 days for his supposed job in the misrepresentation. Both were requested to pay $31.8 million in compensation — the aggregate sum investigators say retailers were ripped off over a long term period starting in 2017.

“(Lori Ann Talens), alongside her significant other and co-respondent Pacifico Talens, developed what might be one of the greatest fake coupon plans ever,” examiners said in condemning reports. “Using the web, web-based media, and ability she gained from her involvement with the retail world, Lori Ann Talens idealized the specialty of falsifying coupons. “Her expertise was to such an extent that the coupons she made were for all intents and purposes vague from certified coupons and took fake coupon specialists to decidedly affirm them as fake,” they added.

Investigators portrayed the Talens’ business as a “realm” that worked on a “genuinely gigantic” scale with more than 100 casualties and 2,086 clients around the world.

At the focal point, all things considered was Lori Ann Talens, who the public authority said was the “genius, draftsman, and motor” behind the business.

As indicated by government reports documented in the Eastern District of Virginia, Lori Ann and Pacifico Talens forced the plan to leave their home in Virginia Beach. Lori Ann Talens was the director of a Facebook bunch for coupon aficionados and utilized the stage to select clients, investigators said. Passing by the name “MasterChef,” she allegedly managed the exchanges utilizing scrambled messages on the application Telegram.

The coupons she is blamed for selling were frequently worth the complete worth of the great or, sometimes, more.

Investigators said Pacifico Talens was something of an “associate” to his significant other — bundling boxes of the phony coupons, sending them out for conveyance and testing fakes at neighborhood stores. He additionally is blamed for offering them to colleagues.

Guard lawyers addressing the Talens didn’t promptly react to McClatchy News’ solicitation for input on Wednesday.

Somebody in the gathering, in the long run, revealed the Talens to the Coupon Information Center, a philanthropic affiliation that battles coupon misrepresentation. The case was then moved to U.S. Postal Inspection Service. At the point when specialists eventually looked through the Talens’ home in 2020, examiners said, they found $1 million worth of fake coupons and the plans for 13,315 additional on the PC.


Notwithstanding the $31 million in assessed misfortunes, the Talens brought home essentially $396,000 in remuneration, the public authority said.

Lori Ann and Pacifico Talens deferred their right to an arraignment and conceded in May.

‘Dazed BY GREED’

Examiners pushed for extensive jail sentences, pointing to some extent to the need to dissuade other fake coupon creators from endeavoring to “copy the Talens’ prosperity.”

Lori Ann Talens, specifically, merited a cruel discipline for her supposed job in the extortion, the public authority said.

“Be that as it may, for Lori Ann’s aptitude, inspiration, and assurance, this plan couldn’t have happened,” examiners said in condemning reports. “She merits the overwhelming majority of the credit for its prosperity, and considerably, should get the largest part of discipline for the mischief she has caused.”

In movements to the court, the Talens’ legal counselors mentioned mercy. They portrayed their customers’ relationship as “wild” and said their kids would be in a difficult spot if the two guardians were detained for an extensive timeframe.

Pacifico Talens’ safeguard lawyer said his job was “restricted” and the couple is presently “engaged with a challenging care and separation activity against one another.”

His sister depicted him in a letter to the court as “a decent individual who settled on some terrible choices that drove him to this point.”

A legal advisor for Lori Ann Talens said she has assumed full liability for her activities and furnished agents with significant data about the “somewhat cloudy universe of fake couponing.”

Lori Ann Talens likewise tended to the court in a 16-page letter enumerating her childhood, past connections, and introduction to the universe of fake coupons. She said a companion trained her how to change coupons and she later showed herself how to make them with bogus standardized identifications.

As indicated by her letter, Lori Ann Talens then, at that point offered them to the directors of phony coupon bunches on the dull web. The gatherings had data sets with a great many existing coupons, which individuals satisfying month to month obligations to get to.

Lori Ann Talens said she was in the end enrolled as a government agent for rival fake coupon gatherings and got to their information bases to plan her own fakes. She had them printed expertly and sold them “by means of custom request.”

At last, Lori Ann Talens said, she had her own gathering and a group of coupon producers who worked for her.

She communicated regret for the humiliation she caused her folks and damage incurred for her youngsters, who she said will be “brought without a parent up in my nonattendance.”

“I realize I carried out a genuine wrongdoing,” she said in her letter. “I likewise realize that I should acknowledge the outcomes. I purposely duped organizations and acquired a great many dollars that didn’t have a place with me. I was dazed by eagerness and the need to feel fruitful, regardless of whether that achievement depended on lies.”

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