Quotient Technology: ‘Queenpins’ Shines Spotlight on Coupon Fraud Protection


Of course, when we at Quotient-an organization established on enhancing coupons and advancements learned of another element film about coupons, we needed to be the preferred choice to see it! As the wrongdoing satire Queenpinshits web-based features this week, we’re plunging into Hollywood’s interpretation of outrageous couponing.

Coordinated by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly and featuring Kristen Bell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Vince Vaughn and Paul Walter Hauser, Queenpinsfollows two neighbors who have fortified over their energy for coupon cutting as they attempt to get rich by selling taken coupons.


At its center, Queenpinsdepicts a generally straightforward coupon extortion plot. After Connie (Bell) gets a producer’s free item coupon for her crate of flat oat, she collaborates with JoJo (Howell-Baptiste) to find the office where the coupons are imprinted in Mexico and pirate out additional. In the interim, postal specialist Simon Kilmurry (Vaughn) and overeager misfortune anticipation official Ken (Hauser) unprofessionally look to uncover and stop the fraudsters.

Since the film is inexactly founded on a genuine story, it’s an ideal chance to investigate the mechanics of coupon misrepresentation and lay out the securities that exist today to shield sponsors from the multi-million-dollar misfortunes portrayed in Queenpins.

Kristen Bell as coupon fraudster Connie Kaminski. Photograph: STX Films How Digital Coupons Protect Against Fraud

However we don’t track down any intricate advanced hacking or falsifying endeavors in Queenpins, that doesn’t mean complex misrepresentation isn’t a worry for sponsors. Anyway, what guardrails exist today to ensure brands?


To begin, Quotient bargains just in computerized coupons. Contrasted with print coupons conveyed by means of the unattached addition (FSI) or snail mail, computerized coupons intrinsically have more underlying shields whether they’re load-to-card, printable or refunds. For instance, customers can reclaim advancements through our heap to-card stage, which is without extortion by plan and doesn’t permit reclamations in overabundance of independently distinguished coupons conveyed. We keep on having no examples of detailed fraud through this stage.

There are likewise receipt-check security controls. Our computerized discount innovation conveys cash-back by means of a receipt filter. The greatest security dangers here are control of receipts and numerous reclamations on single receipts. We utilize copy receipt discovery innovation to distinguish expected dangers just as a devoted group to audit any exchanges that are considered possibly false. Also, Quotient approves clients through an AI calculation dependent on in excess of 50 conduct factors, outsider gadget verification and PayPal account approval.

At long last, we offer security controls for our printable coupons with cutting edge innovation that watchmen against coupon replicating and stacking. These techniques incorporate scrambling extraordinary chronic numbers and an exclusive Print ID™ innovation that consolidates worker based security, multifaceted validation and following to implement explicit mission, gadget and reclamation limits.

Regardless of whether you love coupons however much we do or you’re simply searching a few hours of chuckles, Queenpinsoffers a carefree, if ridiculous, escape. In any case, on account of Quotient’s setup of against misrepresentation innovation and present day securities, have confidence that any obvious coupon plan would require a strong portion of film wizardry.

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