Ranchers’ Market Coupons still accessible for Clinton Co. seniors


There are a predetermined number of Farmers’ Market coupons still accessible for the 2021 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program in Clinton County.

  • Qualified people who have not gotten coupons during the current year should call JCEO Senior Outreach at 518-561-6310 to organize conveyance.
  • The Clinton County Office for the Aging said people should be 60 years old or more established, and meet pay rules to be qualified.
  • Pay limits are $1,986 for a one-individual family; $2,686 for a two-man family; or $3,386 for a three-man family.
  • One coupon book for each qualified senior in the family, while supplies last.
  • Coupons might be recovered at taking part in ranchers’ business sectors and homestead stands.

A rundown of taking interest markets and ranch stands will be incorporated with the coupons. The Clinton County Office for the Aging, similar to its friends across the state, is handling Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program booklets for this mid year and harvest time’s abundance.


“It’s a coupon that individuals use at nearby ranchers markets,” said Crystal Carter, overseer of the Plattsburgh-based office.

“Everyone is valued at $4, and they get five coupons. It’s one booklet for each family. They must be beyond 60 years old.”

Qualified seniors should be age 60 or over. The pay rule for a solitary individual is $1,815 each month or less. For a couple, their month to month pay can’t surpass $2,456.


“Or on the other hand they can be getting SSI (Supplementary Security Income), public help or Section 8 Housing,” Carter said.

“In any case, they must be beyond 60 years old.”

There will be 760 booklets conveyed to seniors in every region. They are not restricted to utilizing coupons in the district they dwell in; they can utilize them at ranchers markets in the three provinces.

“It’s incredibly mainstream,” Carter said. “Individuals love it and have effectively been calling about it. They call the first of June.”

The booklets will be circulated beginning July 1. The almost $2 million for this program was essential for the New York state spending plan.

“They can go to the workplace yet we, as a rule, convey them at the assemble dinner destinations so we can get them out everywhere,” Carter said.

“Individuals can get them here at the workplace,” said Krissy Leerkes, organizer of administrations at the Essex County Office for the Aging.

“In case transportation is an issue, we can make a home visit. We will set up areas inside every one of the municipalities where members can get them at sustenance destinations and city centers. A rundown can be acquired by calling our office.”

“They can get them by arrangement at their neighborhood grown-up focus or making an appearance at the Office for the Aging at 125 Catherine St. in Malone,” affirmed Heather Gonia, maturing administrations expert at the Franklin County Office for the Aging.

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