Russia wants to return to food coupons


First Vice Chairman of the Russia Civic Chamber’s Commission for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Territories Oleg Sirota offers to present designated food help for low-pay families. In a meeting with Realnoe Vremya, the master discussed different advantages that are presented in the area, for example, to help bread makers with particular advances. The questioner of the paper is one of the speakers of the Community gathering in the chamber held in Saransk last week. Social Lifts: Creation of Opportunities for Self-Fulfillment turned into the primary subject of the gathering.

“Countless petitions in view of the dry spell”


Mr. Sirota, the dry spell and its outcomes are the most disturbing theme for the comrades today. Is it true that you are getting petitions from ranchers in this regard? What help are agriculturists requesting?

For sure, this year has ended up being intense, and we are getting a colossal number of petitions in light of the dry spell. Not all seeds were protected, it is our authentic aggravation, an enduring issue. What’s more, not every person can get pay. Nonetheless, agriculturists are generally griping about the abrupt ascent in the cost of composts. It is a titanic issue since it is difficult to maintain an agrarian business. We over and overdrew the consideration of the government specialists to the need of controlling discount costs for Food Coupons agriculturists. With the help of Russian Vice Premier Viktoria Abramchenko, it became conceivable to freeze the costs until 31 October. Ideally, this will assist farming workers with doing fall works.

Back to the dry spell. In the event that comrades didn’t protect the gather, would they be able to expect any extra help measures?

However, it isn’t for the entire country. For example, around 15 billion rubles are yearly spent on planting in Tatarstan.

No, however, it is important to consider that the reap didn’t bomb all over the place, while a few seeds were guaranteed. Likewise, we are discussing extra pay that wasn’t considered from the start by any means. So the extra help estimates will assist with beating this extreme second. To get these payouts, ranchers ought to go to the local Ministry of Agriculture. Applicants should show what gather fizzled, then, at that point, a commission chooses how much cash ought to be paid. Here it is important to think about the climate of each locale. Our bonus in the Russian Civic Chamber screens how the cash is paid in the locales, and we are prepared to assist with figuring predicaments out.

Because of the dry spell in the Volga district, estimates for the ascent in bread costs have as of late been heard. Is its value expected to rise this pre-winter?

Presently there is general inflationary tension on the development elements of costs for bread and different food varieties. You see yourself that petroleum, composts have become costly, subsequently the ascent in costs for staples. Because of the development in swelling, items will go up in cost in the nation, lamentably, yet inside certain cutoff points. Both public associations and force organizations to screen costs for bread and groceries. Here keep away from a lopsidedness with the goal that ranchers can likewise sell items. Last year, a ton of purchasers didn’t get to Krasnodar on account of the pandemic, and ranchers basically covered their gather.

“Climatic shocks don’t permit the costs to diminish. In 2021, wheat will cost in excess of 14,000 rubles for every ton,” specialists of a major government bank made a particular figure at Field Day 2021 Russian presentation. Do you concur with this gauge?

Designated food support for the destitute

We have seen a continuous expansion in bread costs since the start of the year. In Tatarstan, this corresponded with the scratch-off of the component of conservative sponsorship of ventures preparing social bread. Will the specialists’ ways to deal with sponsoring bread cooks to change?

Our bonus believes that it is important to give designated food help, not sponsor makers straightforwardly. In the midst of the enthusiasm for staples, it is more compelling to assist penniless with peopling than “spread” appropriations in the bread preparing industry. This way we sponsor everyone, even the individuals who needn’t bother with it. While it is important to help unprotected classifications of the populace — single parents, huge families, beneficiaries. We have been attempting to get designated food help. Someone calls it food coupons, while I like such a framework when the penniless are given cash so they would themselves be able to spend it on bread and different food sources.


While bread cooks ought to rather be sponsored through particular advances on hardware and working capital financing. We figure it will be substantially more encouraging than giving cash for each kilogram of flour.

A year prior, you turned into the bad habit administrator of the Russian Civic Chamber’s Commission for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Territories. What key issues in the Agro-Industrial Complex would you be able to single out? Which of them have you if not settled basically figured out how to get underway?

We continually work on the land. This year, there are various curiosities. The State Duma embraced a law that permits ranchers to construct offices on their property. This is done to ensure it is agreeable for ranchers to live and work in the open country, while affiliates and huge landowners don’t get an opportunity of re-purchasing the land. Presently we can see that houses are implicit horticultural terrains of huge urban communities. We worked with the State Duma’s board on this bill.

While presently we are expounding a bill to work on genuine systems of assignment of packages without barters. Lamentably, such training doesn’t exist all over. In certain districts, ranchers hold shut sell-offs, while the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service difficulties their authenticity due to inadequately clear plans. In a real sense, a comma is missing, yet this hole doesn’t permit ranchers to utilize the land likewise. Because of the shortfall of one comma, the help drops this closeout. Thus, a lot of districts quit managing barters, not to mention regions.

A subsequent inquiry. Over the most recent 10 years in Tatarstan, the quantity of ranchers has decreased multiple times from 14,500 to 4,500, while the measure of dynamic ranchers is under 3,000. Isn’t this drive late? Who will work in the open country?

“Its a well known fact that there is a steady attack of corporate retailers in the country”

Ranchers have for quite some time been griping about troubles with selling the gather. What is done around here?

To be sure, ranchers who produce a modest quantity of produce have issues when selling items. It’s a well known fact that there is a slow attack of corporate retailers in the country, they become bigger, their number ascents. Additionally, local corporate retailers vanish, and little ranchers vanish with them. I will put a basic model. The town I live in used to have three little stores, while when a corporate retailer opened, all little stores shut.

We can’t supply items to the corporate retailer since it is important to take huge amounts of produce to the United Settlement Center. It isn’t intriguing for them to work with us. Also, it just so happens, we botched the opportunity of selling our produce. Furthermore, this occurs the nation over. Last year, we raised this at a gathering with the Russian president. I for one posed the inquiry and said that we required freedoms for private companies. Therefore, we figured out how to get an answer. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin marked an announcement that ranchers will in some measure at this point don’t be restricted and allowed to basically sell produce in their property. Prior, a ton of ranchers were even fined for illicit exchange. It was exceptionally pitiful. Besides, we accomplished the reception of the public authority’s suggestions for districts so they will work with the advancement of provincial ranchers’ business sectors and fairs on the spot.

Regardless, authoritative expenses should fall on ranchers’ shoulders. The state can help in another space. At the point when ranchers need to set up a business point, they absolutely ought to be allowed an opportunity of doing this free so they can sell their items or results of agrarian cooperatives. Another training exists in Moscow. The city organization constructed a market where any rancher can up and sell produce. There are a ton of such fruitful activities. Also, we discover the chance of selling our items there. Various locales follow various ways.

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