Roborock S6 Pure

Save $160 and use the Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum to clean up your crud


Cleaning floors is a task best passed on to robots. Who has time to push a vacuum around at any rate? Let the Roborock S6 Pure mechanical vacuum do it for you, and today you can get it for just $359.99 on account of an on-page coupon that takes $160 off the cost. That is a tremendous piece to take off through a coupon, particularly for a vacuum that all the more typically sells for around $520. We have seen this arrangement multiple times in the past, yet it has been essentially since last year that we last saw it go this low.

While vacuuming, the Roborock S6 Pure can create incredible 2000Pa pull. It has a lot of shrewd provisions to assist it with achieving the most ideal vacuum, as well. It can switch among cover and hardwood floor types, for instance. It will even get a programmed explosion of pull to lift soil from profound floor coverings when it recognizes them. In case there’s a knock in the progress, the robot can lift itself up by about 0.8 creeps to get over the obstacle.


The S6 Pure really fills in as both a vacuum and a mop, however, it possibly does the two capacities when you need it to. For instance, assuming you need to wipe and you have it booked to do as such, simply ensure the water tank is full. It will wipe as it goes, yet in case there’s no water or you don’t advise it to wipe, it will not. It has a 180ml water tank. That is sufficient to conceal to 1,610 square feet of your home, which should cover pretty much any single floor. You can change the cleaning style, as well, in light of floor types.

A portion of the other keen elements incorporates the exact LiDAR route and a Z-shape cleaning course. This makes it very viable and nitty gritty when it cleans, guaranteeing no soil gets abandoned. The robot vacuum can plan various floors in your home, as well, so you can undoubtedly move it starting with one spot then onto the next and it will know precisely what to do. Utilize the free application to set timetables and plan courses, and associate it to your Wi-Fi so you can utilize Amazon Alexa to control it with your voice. S6 robots know your kitchen from your den, room from living room1. Enabling you to plan tidies up for a solitary room, numerous rooms, or whole floors, characterize explicit cleaning arrangements, and surprisingly set redid pull levels for each room across different floors. Housekeeping has never been this simple and shrewd.


Roborock S6 robots floorplan map for explicit cleaning groupings

More intelligent is quicker

S6 robots consistently know precisely where they’re going. Utilizing incredible 32-bit quad-center processors, a similar kind found in cell phones, they compute the most effective course for tidying up each room.

Sense, keep away from, and then some

The huge Sensient sensor cluster with an accelerometer, odometer, infra-red bluff sensor, compass and more give S6 robots 360° of detecting. They know where they are, can stay away from steps, get themselves away from problem areas, and guard your assets.

Arrive at More Floors

Staggered Mapping frameworks use accurate LiDAR filtering to perceive various levels of a home automatically4. Each floor can have free No-go Zones, Invisible Walls, and No-mop Zones. Furthermore, the current level is naturally perceived so you don’t have to open the Roborock application.

Roborock planning framework perceives various levels of a home consequently

Drop undetectable dividers

Ensure your resources with virtual off limits areas or virtual dividers, all from the app1. These can be just about as little as 0.4m (1.3ft) and as extensive as 10m (33ft). Use them to shield everything from little containers to whole rooms.

Amazing pull

Incredible HyperForce attractions pull soil and pet hair off wooden floors as effectively as it digs it up out of rugs. Made by a fan turning at 15000rpm and directed through cutting edge wind current frameworks, the S6 series pull is successfully consistent. That makes them conceivably the best robot vacuums for getting after your pets or children.

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