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Here are some tips to Grow your Fan Base.

1. Update videos regularly, daily of possibly.

Lots of trends are going viral, and if you are quick, your videos have a much higher chance of going viral as well.
Simultaneously, make sure you follow at least 30–50 big, famous profiles on TikTok. By following the prominent content creators, you can ensure to stay up to date on trends and immediately react to what you see on their profiles.

2. Make the videos fun or creative.

Your TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long. Yet, the recommended length is 8–15 seconds. Telling short funny stories while incorporating your own little twist in the video is a good way of entertaining people.

3. Pick a good sound track.

In contrast to other platforms, on TikTok, the sound of your videos plays a significant role. When choosing sounds for your videos, go for the trending ones. The song should match the mood of the video plus, ideally, it is being used by many other creators as well.

4. Participate in trend challenges and get a amount of exposure.

Videos that are created out of these viral challenges tend to go viral much more often than regular clips. As soon as you recognize such trends, find your own twist, and create a few videos matching the trend.

5. Use the right and trending hashtags.

Hashtags are the currency of TikTok, without hashtags your content stands no chance of being discovered by other users.
You want to use hashtags that are relevant to your subject matter and not just jump on the bandwagon with hashtags that aren’t, if you do this you will be overlooked. Assess which hashtags are getting the best responses and highest level of engagement and build your content around that so the link between both is smooth and seamless.

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