Trade-In Old Car Seats

Trade-In Old Car Seats for Coupons or Gift Cards in Greenville, SC


Do you have an old vehicle seat to exchange? In the event that you have an old vehicle seat around gathering dust, you can exchange it at Target or Wal-Mart for coupons or gift vouchers. Peruse on to figure out how these projects work. Ensure that the vehicle seat is introduced accurately! Visit these Greenville, SC vehicle seat assessment areas, or these Spartanburg, SC vehicle seat review areas.

From September 12-25, 2021, you can procure a 20% coupon from Target towards another vehicle seat, carriage, or select child gear when you exchange an old vehicle seat or base. Regardless of whether you don’t require new child gear, having a coupon to put towards new child gear for another mother or a family in need would be really magnificent. The coupons might be given through the ◎circle™ Target application. Target reuses the old vehicle seats and stuff, having effectively reused more than 22.2 million pounds up until now.


Here are the means by which it works:

Drop Off: Drop off an old vehicle or base to assigned drop off spots at Target inside the store. There ought to be signed. Ideally.

Output: Open the Target application and sweep the code on the crate.

Discover: Open your Wallet in the Target App to discover your coupon.

Save: Click the red “+” to save the deal and put in your request on the web, or sweep your scanner tag at the register.

You can acquire any vehicle seat in whatever shape they are in. Target acknowledges convertible vehicle seats, newborn child vehicle seats, vehicle seat bases, and tackle and sponsor seats.

The 20% off coupon from Target can be utilized on vehicle seats, vehicle seat bases, travel buggy frameworks, high seats, swings, bouncers, rockers, and playards.

Wal-Mart joined has united with TerraCycle® to bring to the table a $30 gift voucher in return for your old vehicle seat to put towards another vehicle seat.

We have not affirmed that Wal-Mart is doing its vehicle seat exchange program this year. We’ll refresh this story when we discover the dates.


How it functions:

  • Carry your old vehicle seat to a Wal-Mart Supercenter (find your closest Upstate region Walmart area).
  • Take your vehicle seat to the client care work area.
  • Accept your gift voucher.
  • Wal-Mart acknowledges all vehicle seats of any brand, yet not sponsor seats. There is a constraint of two present cards for every family.

In contrast to dens or even carriages, vehicle seats are bits of child gear that broaden well past diaper days and regularly require numerous buys. (Genuine story: My own child isn’t so much as two and he’s on his third vehicle seat as of now.) Maybe your child grew out of the baby seat. Possibly the massive convertible you purchased for the last vehicle doesn’t appear to fit in your new rearward sitting arrangement. Or then again perhaps you’re worn out vehicle seat cover has been seen within your clothes washer pretty much every other day. Whatever the case, Target has us covered: Target’s vehicle seat exchange program is returning one week from now—permitting guardians to get 20% off an overhauled form.

Guardians can drop their old seats off at Target between September 10 and 23, however, the 20% off coupon you get when you do doesn’t lapse until October 7. That implies you’ll have the opportunity to select your update—except if you headed to the store with a youngster in the seat you’re reusing.

The main vehicle seat reusing occasion at Target occurred back in the spring and it was (of course) a BIG hit with guardians. As per Target, just about 80,000 vehicle seats were reused after the spring occasion, which was the first of its sort among significant retailers.

“In the wake of gathering in excess of 1,000,000 pounds of vehicle seat material to be reused from the program in April, we’re eager to bring this astounding project back,” Target’s senior VP of attire and extras, Michelle Wlazlo, clarifies in a media discharge. “We’re continually searching for approaches to make the existences of our visitors simpler and we’re pleased to have the option to assist them with lessening family mess in a capable and harmless to the ecosystem way.”

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