Is Queenpins Based On A True Story? Real-Life Inspiration Explained


The satire Queenpins, which is around two companions behind a huge couponing plan, depends on a genuine story. Queenpins reunites entertainers Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste — who showed up together in Veronica Mars and The Good Place — as Connie Kaminiski and JoJo Johnson, individually. In the film, Connie gets a coupon as an expression of remorse after she whines to an organization about flat cereal. This occurrence starts a thought that winds up making her, and her dearest companion JoJo, a huge load of cash.

In Queenpins, Connie and JoJo’s plan to exchange taken coupons rapidly gains a foothold on the web, and the two end up as the tops of a worthwhile unlawful activity. To keep the police off their path, Connie and JoJo enroll the assistance of tech virtuoso Tempe Tina (Bebe Rexha). The abrupt deluge of invalid coupons, in any case, draws in the consideration of a staple chain’s misfortune anticipation official, Ken Miller (Paul Walter Hauser), who helps a U.S. postal monitor, Simon Kilmurry (Vince Vaughn), reveal where the illicit coupons are coming from.


The $40 million coupon trick might appear to be a work of fiction, yet the story in Queenpins is motivated by a genuine wrongdoing story. In 2012, Arizona police captured three ladies possessing a great many dollars worth of phony coupons. Unlawful couponing may not seem like anything to joke about, however, for an enormous scope, it can cost enterprises a great many dollars in lost income. The trick motivated the creation of Queenpins, yet it’s anything but a totally exact retelling.

Queenpins Is Based (Loosely) On A True Story

Queenpins depends on a genuine coupon trick organized by three ladies in Arizona: Robin Ramirez, Marilyn Johnson, and Amiko “Amy” Fountain. Ramirez, who was 40 years of age at the hour of her capture, was viewed as the instigator of the gathering. Johnson, then, at that point 54, and Fountain, 42, helped her with the activity, which made them millions. Sgt. David Lake of the Phoenix Police Department told neighborhood TV station KPHO [via Coupons in the News]: “The extravagance and the cash was what could be compared to tranquilize cartel-kind of stuff.” Regardless of the ladies’ monetary circumstance before they began the plan, when it finished, they were living in extravagance. The coupon trick was included in the CBS narrative series Pink Collar Crimes in 2018, and Queenpins adopts a more comedic strategy in question.

Genuine Coupon Scam: How It Worked

Coupons in the News reports that Ramirez began selling counterfeit coupons as ahead of schedule as 2007. Her framework included sending coupons abroad to be duplicated and falsified in enormous amounts. These coupons would be adjusted to astounding arrangements. For example, a genuine coupon for $1 off Pringles could be changed to $50 worth of free canine food. A few clients later conceded the arrangements appeared unrealistic, however, they never needed to address such favorable luck.

Johnson helped bundle and boat requests, and Fountain once in a while added 3D image stickers to the phony coupons to make them look more real. The coupons were then sold on eBay from numerous various records just as from the gathering’s own site, SavvyShopperSite. This site required a welcome to get to, and furthermore incorporated an admonition not to uninhibitedly share where clients bought the coupons.


What Befell The Real-Life Coupon “Queenpins”?

Like in the completion of Queenpins, all things considered, the ladies fortune in the end reached a conclusion. One of the defrauded organizations, Procter and Gamble, dispatched an examination when they found a portion of the phony coupons during a standard review. Forty organizations at last recorded misrepresentation protests, cautioning the Coupon Information Corporation and neighborhood police. Private specialists worked with the Phoenix Police Department who went secret to find the three ladies included. The examination kept going for two months, during which officials claimed to be clients buying a portion of the fake coupons.

A police attack found more than $40 million in counterfeit coupons alongside $2 million in different resources including 22 weapons, cash, 21 vehicles, and a speed boat. Ramirez, Fountain, and Johnson were completely captured. Wellspring and Johnson ultimately confessed to duplicating, and Ramirez conceded to falsifying extortion, and unlawful control of an undertaking. She was condemned to two years in jail and seven years probation while her companions carried out 3 years assessment. The ladies additionally needed to pay Procter and Gamble more than $1.2 million.

Everything The Movie Changes

Queenpins rolls out some critical improvements to the first story of the coupon trick. In the fall 2021 film, specialists originally become mindful of a potential issue when a Loss Prevention Officer working for the supermarket chain called A&G Family Mart gets various objections of deceitful coupons. He at first goes to the FBI for help, yet the case gets moved to a U.S. Postal Inspector since the coupons are as a rule genuinely sent out (making the trick mail extortion). This point permits the film to be more comedic by they way it covered the examination; it likewise removes center from the damage the trick did to organizations. Albeit the film makes reference to Procter and Gamble by name, the organizations are depicted as not actually being influenced by the trick — all things being equal, the occasion is outlined as “simply a discount” for them.

As a general rule, P&G got monetary remuneration for the misfortunes in income. Different organizations likewise requested repayment, yet couldn’t demonstrate their items were engaged with the coupon to conspire. Queenpins decided not to incorporate the repayment the ladies were court-requested to pay, probably going to cause them to appear to be more thoughtful to the crowd. It is a lot simpler to pull for characters whose activities don’t really create any enduring mischief. Other key changes in Queenpins are additionally intended to additionally charm the two lead ladies to crowds. Connie decides to assume full liability for their violations to secure JoJo. However, in actuality, Johnson and Fountain turned on Ramirez in return for lighter sentences. The film additionally gives Connie a disastrous origin story. Pregnancy entanglements are the reason for her and her significant other’s monetary battles, which lead her toward outrageous lucrative plans.

The film improves on the ladies’ falsifying framework too. All things considered, they would send genuine coupons abroad to be modified and mass-delivered. In Queenpins, they just took overabundance coupons from a manufacturing plant in Mexico. The entirety of their “phony” coupons was truth be told genuine, simply being circulated in a lot bigger amounts than organizations needed. Queenpins likewise decrease the ladies’ sentences. Jojo gets 10 days of prison time and one-year probation while Connie gets 11 months of prison time. Neither of them takes in their example from this, however, in light of the fact that the film closes with Connie and JoJo intending to begin their coupon trick once more, this time abroad.

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