Amazon Just Slashed the Prices of 4 Top-Rated Robot Vacuums Including One for $115 Less with Coupon


While it is helpful to have an upstanding vacuum cleaner to profound clean every now and then, it’s likewise superbly liberating to allow a robot to vacuum free around the house. And keeping in mind that top brands can regularly be costly, you can for the most part consistently track down a decent arrangement on a profoundly checked on model on Amazon.

That is the situation with the first class robot vacuum brand iLife, where four well known models have been cut in cost up to 41 percent. Consider the iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, at present estimated at just $130. The thin gadget can without much of a stretch coast under beds and furniture, sucking up hair, soil, and flotsam and jetsam from hardwood floors. It flaunts four cleaning modes and a programmable timetable, which can all be controlled by means of the included far off, and it’s likewise finished with sensors that keep it from unintentionally tumbling down a stairwell.


“Works like a flick of an enchantment wand,” one of 10,000 five-star commentators shares. “In contrast with different brands at a lot greater expenses, this iLife works impeccably! I in every case clear out the cartridge and afterward wipe it like new. For what reason could different organizations charge to such an extent? I like iLife making a reasonable and exceptionally practical other option.”

Alongside the V3s, the V80 Max Robot Vacuum has been cut in cost by 21%, and in the event that you include the coupon, you’ll save an extra $55 off. You’ll have the option to control this gadget directly from your telephone too with the iLife application, which is topped with alternatives to drum off a week after week cleaning timetable and switch modes. A pull capacity up to 2,000 pascals allows the gadget to get morsels, garbage, and hair without the brushes getting all tangled. Besides, the vacuum is loaded with sensors that keep it from falling, yet additionally lessens incessant knocking.


In case you’re searching for a robot vacuum that additionally serves as a mop, look to the iLife V80 Max Mopping Robot Vacuum, which has been discounted to $230 (Orig. $250). This gadget is worked with a 300ml water tank and 750ml dustbin, making it an extraordinary alternative to vacuum and wipe hardwood, tile, and stone floors. Like the V80, it tends to be controlled by means of an application, with a few program alternatives like way mode, spot mode, and edge mode.

The last robot vacuum on special is the iLife V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the most remarkable of the bundle. With a full power of up to 4,000 pascals, the V93 can undoubtedly snatch everything from pieces of residue to enormous morsels. It’s additionally developed with a high level filtration framework that catches and eliminates up to 99.95 percent of allergens. The gadget can be associated with an application, where you’ll have the option to set a timetable, select the cleaning mode, and alter the pulling power.

“I wish I had requested it before,” a customer says of the V93. “It truly keeps my home spot free and clean. The preset timetable is cool, as well. I preset it on when we are grinding away and school so when we get back home, the house is all perfect. Energetically suggest for any individual who lacks the capacity to deal with cleaning. It is a lifeline!”

These arrangements will not keep going everlastingly, so head on over to Amazon now and shop the iLife V3s, V80, V80 Max, and V9e before these markdowns vanish for great.

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