Survive the Killer Codes

Roblox Survive the Killer Codes


Our Survive the Killer Codes has the most modern rundown of working codes that you can recover for coins and exceptional blades. These codes will give you a decent lift and stretch out beyond the game assuming you’re simply beginning or assisting with evening out you up quicker in case you’ve been playing for some time!

The objective in Roblox Survives the Killer is basic, make due. Head around the startling guide attempting to keep away from the horrible executioner. Would you be able to survive the ordeal? Roblox Survive the Killer codes can be utilized to guarantee a lot of various blades, all of which have exceptionally novel styles and tones. Here are the current promotion codes for the game, just as how to reclaim them.


These codes are not quite the same as expected Roblox promotion codes, so you should focus on how you recover them. Each game might have its own interaction for recovery, which you want to follow. Check down beneath for the interaction to guarantee your codes. It’s exceptionally simple, you regularly need to guarantee codes by means of the chatbox, or an uncommon capacity. Actually, look at the bearings underneath for additional subtleties. You ought to likewise return to our huge rundown of Roblox Game Codes for more wonderful codes for different titles.

Roblox Survive the Killer Codes

The codes have been tried with the latest adaptation of the game, however now and then we mess up. In the event that a code doesn’t work, let us know in the remarks. We will eliminate any invalid codes and spot them in the appropriate rundown. You want to enter codes effectively, frequently as they show up underneath, to guarantee the prize. And negative, you can’t guarantee codes at least a couple of times.

Roblox Survive the Killer Codes (Valid)

These Roblox Survive the Killer codes are dynamic and can be utilized for their prizes:

  • Recover for 800M Slycer: 800M

Roblox Survive the Killer Codes (Invalid)

These Roblox Survive the Killer codes have terminated and will at this point don’t allow rewards:

  • Reclaim for the Jumping Bug Knife: jumpbug
  • Reclaim for 700M Slycer – 700M
  • Reclaim for the Pride Knife: PRIDE
  • Reclaim for Lucky Carver Knife – LUCKY2021
  • Reclaim for Heartbreaker Knife: cupid2021
  • Reclaim for Clover Carver Knife: LUCKY2020
  • Reclaim for Rusty Dagger: FRIDAY13
  • Reclaim for 10 Million Celebration Knife: 10M
  • Reclaim for Heart Breaker Knife: CUPID
  • Reclaim for Hollowed Moon Knife: SPOOKY2020
  • Reclaim for Holiday Knife: HAPPYHOLIDAYS
  • Reclaim for Burlap Brute’s Chains: FULLMOON
  • Reclaim for Cheeseworth’s Cheesy Chopper: CHEESE
  • Reclaim for Sawblade’s Jigsaw Knife: SAWBLADE
  • Reclaim for 300k Knife: WhatsTheCode
  • Reclaim for Ribbons of Gold Knife: ThatsALotOfVisits
  • Reclaim for Devious Dagger: DEVIOUS
  • Reclaim for Happy’s Circus Knife, 50 Coins, and 100 XP: KILLERCRAZE
  • Reclaim for Chucky’s Rattle Knife: CHUCKY
  • Reclaim for Spoon Knife: SPOON
  • Reclaim for Purple Pinstripe Knife: MASHEDPOTATOES
  • Reclaim for Sunlit Glass Knife: TRADINGWHEN
  • Reclaim for Patched Knife: CRATESSOON
  • Reclaim for Test Knife: TEST
  • Reclaim for 100 Coins and 50 XP: 5MILLION

Instructions to Redeem Codes

It’s an extremely simple cycle to recover your codes in Survive the Killer, this is what to do. You want to open up the game and look on the fundamental menu for the symbol that resembles the Twitter logo, you will see the word Codes under it. Snap that top to raise the code window. For reasons unknown, it possibly shows up for a brief time frame when you load the game from the outset, so be speedy about clicking it. When you do, you’re allowed to enter your codes. Simply get the codes from the legitimate rundown above and put them in the container, each in turn.

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