Zebpay Promo Code 2021 – Earn Free Bitcoin Worth Rs. 100


The fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and other cryptocurrencies in India through an online platform in the shape of Zebpay. It is the most trusted, reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange. It is specially designed for Indian Investors and keeping in mind their needs and wants. Further, you can get free bitcoins when you install and signup for Zebpay. If you are a new visitor, we recommend to install this app and insert code as soon as possible because you never know when the price of Bitcoin will increase.

Zebpay Promo Code


How to Get Bitcoin Worth Rs. 100 From Zebpay?

  1. Download the Zebpay app on your mobile phone (Android & iOS).
  2. Fill in your details like name & mobile number for initial verification.
  3. Your bitcoin receiving address, bitcoin balance, and transaction details are connected with your mobile number.
  4. Set your 4-digit pin to secure your Zebpay account.
  5. Go to the free bitcoins option from the menu button on the top right corner.
  6. Enter promo code & click verify.

If you don’t have a referral code use REFRAVI5436 and instantly get Rs.100 worth of Bitcoin.


How to Share Zebpay Referal Code?

Start sharing your Zebpay referral code with your friends and enjoy earning by using Zebpay referral earning program. To enjoy the Zebpay referral earning program, click on the refer button and choose any mode of sharing including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Email. Once the person he/she to whom you send your invite code receives the refer code, he/she needs to follow the link as mentions above & download the Zebpay app. They also need to verify the code after creating their account on the app available at Play Store. You will receive 0.10% of all their transactions (Buy or Sell) for one year.


Zebpay referral program is a good way to get started with a digital currency. The online android application has a very simple layout which you can use for your benefit. If anyone in your family, friend circle and other fellow is considering to invest in bitcoins, then Zebpay provides a useful option for you to earn some decent referral bonus. Refer and earn program gets active right from the first transaction. You get Bitcoins worth your Rupees (one hundred) 100 on the first transaction. You also receive 0.10% of your invites Bitcoin Buy/sell transactions for one year of a long period. The good part is that you can transfer the balance to your bank account. We also like the option to change your bank account details attached with Zebpay App.

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