Dining Dollars

‘Dining Dollars’ coupons, gift cards to encourage restaurant visits


A program to urge visits to the city’s eateries before long starts under an organization between the Hermiston Chamber of Commerce and the city of Hermiston. With the subject of “Rewarding the Hermiston Community,” $50,000 in financing the city got through the American Rescue Plan Act will be utilized to give coupons to occupants to use at any eating foundation in the city. To direct the program, the chamber has made “Feasting Dollars” coupons for neighborhood partaking cafés, bought mass gift vouchers from chain eateries, and bought prepaid Visa cards for eateries that don’t fall into one or the other choice.

Feasting Dollars vouchers and eatery direct gift vouchers will be in $10 increases. Utility holders will get 20% of the Dining Dollars and café direct gift vouchers. The Hermiston Chamber will disseminate the rest of Feature Fridays, Facebook advancements, and other public exercises and occasions. Circulation of coupons and gift vouchers will start within the following fourteen days. Watch the chambers on the web and other correspondence channels for more data. The program will go through December and then some. All Direct Dining coupons will terminate Dec. 31, while chain eatery and Visa gift vouchers might have expanded lapse dates.


Lodging and Dining Services collaborated with the Kansas State Student Union to present Dining Dollars, another program intended to add adaptability to nearby inhabitants’ feast plans. The Dining Dollars expansion permits food buys at taking an interest grounds retail stores other than the eating communities. The dollars are added to K-State ID cards and charged to the client’s KSIS account.

Audrey Taggart-Kagdis, the overseer of advertising and understudy programs for the Union, said the programs redoing gives understudies greater adaptability as a discretionary expansion to the current dinner plans. “This came from understudy input from earlier years, where understudies communicated the requirement for adaptability in their feasting plan, as opposed to being restricted to the eating corridor,” Taggart-Kagdis said.

Maybe then being limited to the feasting corridors, understudies living nearby would now be able to utilize Dining Dollars to appreciate more choices across grounds, incorporating retail organizations in the Union, at Jardine Apartments and Radina’s Coffee House. Jeff Clark, aide head of retail benefits for the Union, said the program is an organization among Housing and Dining Services and Retail Services nearby, permitting impressive improvement in the adaptability of understudy supper administrations.


Off-grounds understudies, too as staff and personnel, can likewise utilize the program. Understudies are charged to their KSIS account, like nearby inhabitants. Workforce and staff pay with one or the other money, Visa or finance allowances.

Understudies, personnel, and staff who partake in the Dining Dollars program additionally get month to month advantages at taking an interest areas. For August, the part bargain is a free round of bowling, free shoe rental and a non-cocktail in the Union Bowling Center.

September’s advantage is without one Chick-fil-A supper during the month with the decision of either a chicken sandwich, zesty chicken sandwich, or 8-tally piece feast.

Chick-fil-A colleague Jasmine Morey, senior in creature science and industry, said she has effectively seen individuals utilize the new eating framework. The University will open three new eating lobbies the following fall as a feature of an emotional update of GW’s eating framework that authorities expect will assist with settling food instability nearby.

Authorities will develop new eating lobbies in District House and Thurston and Shenkman corridors by fall 2022, which will give everything you-can-eat supper access under a limitless feasting plan, as indicated by an email from Chief Financial Officer Mark Diaz and Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Cissy Petty Monday. Understudies will before long approach the most common eating offices on the Foggy Bottom Campus in years under the arrangement, following a series of semesters that understudies have spent looking for more reasonable eating alternatives.

The email, given to University people group individuals, expresses that authorities will open an “overhauled” Pelham Commons on the Mount Vernon Campus – GW’s just eating lobby during the previous five years – with another seating region and food stations this fall. Diaz said in a meeting with The Hatchet that authorities are additionally considering adding an eating lobby to Mitchell Hall.

“Feasting lobbies give the advantage of offering numerous sound and top notch food alternatives in a single area, and they are a reliable and moderate choice for understudies encountering food frailty,” the email peruses. “We accept that getting to solid, moderate food ought to never be a worry for our local area.”

The University changed to an open eating plan in 2016 after the conclusion of J Street, the Foggy Bottom Campus’ just mutual eating lobby at that point. Authorities have since stacked understudies’ GWorld cards every semester with an equilibrium dependent on their dinner plan, which can be utilized to make buys at many eating accomplices on and close to grounds.

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