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Electronic coupon issues and tips


Dear Jill, I have an inquiry regarding electronic coupons in my store’s shopping application. The manner in which I as a rule use these is to take a gander at the application on the day the new advertisement comes out so I can check whether any coupons look great with the deals.

At the point when I go to the store and begin placing my food in my truck, I open the application and burden the comparing electronic coupon for that thing. Be that as it may, now and then when I do this, I go to stack the coupon, and it simply isn’t there any longer.


The explanation I do this is that our store’s application restricts you to stacking 100 electronic coupons all at once, and I would prefer not to have so many stacked I will not have the option to stack more. Do you figure I ought to do this another way?

Electronic coupons are not the same as paper coupons in more than one way. There’s no actual cut-out — essentially tap an application or burden through a site. Reclamation commonly includes entering your telephone number or examining a devotion standardized tag at the register. Where electronic and paper coupons contrast however is concerning their accessibility. A paper coupon, once printed and disseminated, is legitimate through its lapse date. An electronic coupon normally has a limited number of “loads.” Once the most extreme number of burdens accessible for the mission has been reached by the general population, the electronic coupon can be removed.

This is the explanation you may see an e-coupon accessible on one day however not another. That proposition may have arrived at its heap limit and vanished from accessibility.

To forestall passing up offers, you’ll need to adjust the manner in which you plan your shopping trips. Rather than holding back to stack e-coupons until you’re remaining in the store, I energetically suggest stacking them when you see them. When the proposition is stacked, consider it being “secured” to your record. You will have this e-coupon accessible to use through the termination date recorded in the proposition.


As my peruser referenced, a few stores do restrict the number of e-coupons you can have stacked and put away in your application at some random time. I don’t go through my stores’ applications arbitrarily stacking everything in sight consequently. In any case, I will stack any proposals for anything I’m unequivocally keen on buying this week, just as some other high-esteem offers for brands and items I purchase consistently. That way, I’m controlling the number of coupons stacked without passing up offers.

Normally, new electronic coupons show up on Sundays or the day your store’s promoting roundabout comes full circle. One of my nearby grocery stores has another advertisement every Wednesday, so that is likewise the day I will check the store’s application and burden any new offers I like.

One normal issue I frequently hear from electronic coupon clients is large numbers of them start stacking the offers while coming up so they remember what coupons are stacked in the application. While you can look through your stacked offers, each store’s application is unique, and some are not intended to make this cycle really simple. With some applications, you need to tap every e-coupon to see the subtleties and termination dates, which can be monotonous.

On the off chance that you have stacked e-coupons that are quite compelling to you, you should attempt this trip. I keep a little scratchpad in my coupon wallet, and when I load offers I truly need to ensure I remember about, I additionally will write a little note with the store’s name, the item’s image and something, for example, “$3 off 24-ounce pasta sauce, lapses 10/31/21.”

At the point when I go to that store, I’ll see that note squarely in the pocket with the paper coupons I previously cut for a similar shopping trip. This assists me with recalling what I pre-stacked in the application and the offers I would prefer not to pass up utilizing.

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