This Jeffersonville Party Store Is Hiding Coupons In An ‘It’ Themed Scavenger Hunt


In the event that you see a gaggle of red inflatables joined to a sewer grind in Jeffersonville this October, don’t freeze. It’s anything but a deadly jokester named Pennywise, it’s important for a coupon forager chase coordinated by a nearby party store.

Horner Novelty is concealing coupons, which range from 10%-20% off, across Southern Indiana city consistently. You can discover where they are by checking the long-term ensemble shop’s Facebook page. The store will post a clue — an image or a conundrum — concerning where the coupon will associate with 15 minutes prior to going out to conceal it. Then, at that point, when the prize is set, another photograph will be posted, uncovering more with regards to the secret area. Each spot will be set apart with red inflatables, looking like those from the popular Stephen King shocking tale, “It.”


Madi Shipman, a store partner, concocted the thought after seeing the store get new inflatable tones, including a recognizable, red assortment.


“Truly, I very like creepy stuff,” she said. “The shading truly helped me to remember the inflatable from ‘It.’ I fired brainstorming some showcasing methodologies that we could do.”

Shipman is the person who puts the inflatables and the coupons, wearing a yellow overcoat like the one the person Georgie wears in “It.” She said that she intends to conceal eight additional coupons before Halloween — two every week. A large portion of the coupons is for 10% off at Horner. Be that as it may, the prior week of Halloween, Shipman plans to disguise two 20% coupons in more hard to-track down spots.

Up until this point, the two coupons Shipman has stowed away have been found inside 20 minutes — so make certain to turn on warnings for her Facebook posts, which you can discover here.

Hurl Mattingly, the proprietor of Horner said, “I believe it’s an awesome thought, and I’m very intrigued with the perspective that went into it. What’s more, the reaction on Facebook has been staggering as of now.”

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