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Harris Teeter 4-Day Sale and new e-Vic deals


Harris Teeter has another 4-Day e-Vic Sale running Thursday, 10/7 through Sunday, 10/10 with bargains on Progresso Soup, Whole Boston Butt Pork Roast, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Coca-Cola! You’ll likewise discover new e-Vic bargains beginning October 8.

These arrangements depend on the internet based promotion review on the Harris Teeter site and the Express Lane costs on the Harris Teeter site for a Raleigh, NC area. A few costs might fluctuate in different stores. You might need to really take a look at your promotion to check costs. This rundown isn’t an assurance of cost.


4-Day E-Vic Sale

These arrangements are legitimate Thursday, October 7 through Sunday, October 10, 2021, for e-Vic individuals.

  1. Progresso Soup, 18-19 oz, $0.97, limit 8
  2. Smithfield Whole Boston Butt Pork Roast, $0.97/lb, limit 2 packs
  3. Ranchers Market Yukon Gold Potatoes, 5 lb pack, $1.97
  4. Coca-Cola items, 6 pack, $2.37, limit 4

New e-Vic Deals

Harris Teeter is offering new e-Vic bargains beginning Oct. 8, 2021. You can just get those e-Vic offers that have been stacked to your Vic card from Harris Teeter and are in your Friday email (or on their site or application when you sign in to your record).

Following are a portion of the arrangements that were conveyed to different e-Vic individuals on Friday with the coupon match-ups, if pertinent. You might have gotten a portion of these too or you might have various offers. You must be pursued the e-Vic program on their site to get the e-Vic bargains.

These arrangements are legitimate Oct. 8-12, 2021 (in the event that you got them):

Conceivable coupon for $10 off an acquisition of $100 or more with your Vic card

Harris Teeter Large Eggs, $0.57 with extra $10 buy, limit 2

Private Selection Hummus, 10 oz, $1.47, limit 4

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 8 counts, $1.67, limit 4 – $1/1 coupons from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com when you reclaim 850 focuses or $1/2 coupon from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com in the coupons tab

Harris Teeter Premium Ice Cream, 48 oz, $1.77 with extra $10 buy, limit 2

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran or Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal, 14-18.7 oz

Deal: $1.97, limit 4

Coupons: $1/1 coupons from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com when you recover 850 focuses, $1/2 coupon from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com in the coupons tab, $1/2 coupon from 8/22 Save

Nuovo Pasta or Gnocchi, 9 oz, $2.47, limit 2

Straightforward Truth Organic Baking Mixes, 16 oz, $2.47, limit 4

Owyn Elite Protein Shakes, 12 oz, $2.77, limit 4

Boca Burgers, 10 oz, $2.97, limit 4

HT Traders Maple Syrup, 8.5 oz, $3.57, limit 4

Eggo Waffles, 24 count, $4.47, limit 4 – $1/1 coupons from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com when you recover 850 focuses or $1/2 coupon from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com in the coupons tab

OLLY Vitamins, 36-90 count, $9.47, limit 4

Purchase any 3 Dove items and save $3 immediately with your Vic (avoids preliminary and travel size)

Get $10 back when you burn through $30 on partaking Henkel brands

Save $10 in a split second when you buy $30 worth of any P&G items with Vic card

4X Fuel Points On Gift Cards

Procure 4X Fuel Points on acquisition of select Dining and Digital gift vouchers with the HT computerized coupon. Offer legitimate Oct. 6-19, 2021. See advertisement for subtleties.

Arrangements Valid All Week

These arrangements are substantial Oct. 6-12 , 2021.

E-Vic Offers

Yoplait Yogurt, 4-6 oz, $0.37, limit 18

Dannon Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz, $0.87, limit 12

Cheeseburger Helper, select, $0.97, limit 10

Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 15 count or Party Pizza, select, $0.97, limit 4

Gold Medal Flour, 5 lb pack, $1.97, limit 4

Challenge Butter, Danish Creamery or Spreadable 15-16 oz or Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, 52 oz

Deal: $2.47, limit 4

Coupon: .50 printable coupon, $1 Ibotta cash back offer

Smartfood or Simply Chips, 6-8.5 oz, $2.77, limit 4


Green cabbage, $0.59/lb

Green grapes, $0.99/lb

Mangos, $1

Apples, select McIntosh, Fuji, Granny Smith, $1.49/lb in handbag

Bartlett Pears, $1.99/lb

Broccoli Crowns, $1.99/lb

Lemons, 1 lb, $1.99

Blackberries, 8 oz, $2.50

Smaller than normal Seedless Cucumbers, 6 count, $2.50

Asparagus, $2.99/lb

Brussels Sprouts, $2.99/lb

Romaine Hearts, 3 pack, $2.99

Pumpkins, $6

Meat and Seafood

80% Lean ground hamburger, esteem pack, $2.99/lb, limit 4 packs

NY strip steak or Steakhouse Roast, $7.99/lb

Wild got Haddock Filets, $8.99/lb

Wild got East coast shrimp, 21-30 count, $9.99/lb

Wild got fish steaks, $9.99/lb

Wild Caught Snapper Filets, $10.99/lb

Harris Teeter Pork Sausage roll, 16 oz, BOGO for $2.49 each

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, 15 oz, BOGO for $2.99 each

Private Selection Rope Sausage, select, 14 oz, BOGO for $2.99 each

Private Selection Bacon, 12 oz, $3.99

Gilbert’s Sausage, 10 oz, $4

Oscar Mayer Bacon, 12-16 oz, $5.99

Past Sausage, 14 oz, $4.99 – $2 HT computerized coupon

Unthinkable Burger block pack, 12 oz, $5.99

Store and Bakery and Floral

New Foods Market Cake Slices, 1 count, BOGO for $1.49 each

New Foods market Donuts, 6 count, $3.99

New Foods Market Rotisserie Chicken, $4.99 each

Dairy and Refrigerated

Pillsbury Grands, 5 count, $1 – $1/3 printable Coupons.com coupon = $0.67

Fage Greek Yogurt, 5.3-7 oz, $1

Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt, 8 count, BOGO for $1.49 each – ,75/1 Ibotta cash back offer

Breakstone’s Sour Cream, 16 oz, $1.67

Kraft American Singles, 12 oz, BOGO for $2.24 each (in addition to get 2x Fuel Points)

Ranchers Market Fresh Salsa, 16 oz, $2.50

Sargento Shredded Cheese, 6-8 oz, $2.50 – $1/2, .75/2 or .60/2 coupons from 8/29 SS

Essentially Lemonade, 52 oz, $2.50

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese, 24 oz, $3

Coffeemate Creamers, 32 oz, $3

Eggland’s Best Large Eggs, 18 count, $3.49 – .50/1, or $1/2 coupons from 9/12 SS

Chobani Greek Yogurt, Flips, Zero Sugar or Probiotic Drinks, 4 pack, $4

Coupon: $1.50 Probiotic coupon from HT computerized coupons, $2/2 Flip Multipack Ibotta cash back offer

Nellie’s Free Range Large Eggs, 18 count, $4.49 – $1 printable coupon when you join = $3.49

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Extra Large Eggs, 12 count, $4.49 – $1 printable coupon when you join = $3.49


Harris Teeter Garlic Bread, 167 oz, BOGO for $0.99 each

Higher Steamfresh Vegetables, 10-10.8 oz, $1

Harris waver Frozen Waffles, 10 count, select, BOGO for $1.14 each

Harris Teeter Non-Steam Vegetables, 6-12 oz, $1.25

Cool Whip Topping, 8 oz, BOGO for $1.34 each (in addition to get 2x Fuel Points)

Private Selection Ice Cream, 16 oz, BOGO for $1.49 each

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, $2 – $1/3 printable coupon = $1.67 each

Keen Ones Entrees, select, $1.67

Harris Teeter Deluxe Ice Cream Sandwiches, 6 count, $2

Hot Pockets, select, 9 oz, $2

Harris Teeter Thin Crust Pizza, select, $2.50

Mineral Ida Golden Crinkles Potatoes, 2 lb pack, $2.50 – $1/2 HT advanced coupon = 2 for $4 (in addition to get 2x Fuel Points)

Pillsbury frozen rolls, 12 count, $2.50 – $1/3 Coupons.com coupon

Morningstar Farms Patties, Burgers or Bites, 5.3-10.5 oz, $3.33 – $1 coupons from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com when you recover 850 focuses, or from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com in the coupons tab = $2.33

Harris waver All Natural Ice Cream, 1.5 qt, BOGO for $2.49 each


Blue Bunny Load’D Cones or Sandwiches, select, BOGO for $2.89 to $3.14 each – .55 coupon when you join

Freschetta or American Flatbread Pizza, select, BOGO

Rack Stable

Harris Teeter Seltzer, 33.8 oz, $0.59

Campbell’s Soup with Crunchy Toppings, select, $2 – .75 Coupons.com coupon = .50

Harris Teeter Croutons, 5 oz, $0.79

Basic Truth Organic Black Beans or Garbanzo beans, 15 oz can, $0.80

Mueller’s Pasta, select 12-17.6 oz, BOGO for $0.84 each

Classico Pasta Sauce, $0.99, limit 4

Harris Teeter Flavored Mustard, 12 oz, select, BOGO for $0.99 each

Pepsi Products, 2 ltr, $0.99

Kraft BBQ Sauce, 18 oz, $1 (in addition to get 2x Fuel Points)

Harris Teeter Saltine Crackers, 16 oz, BOGO for $1.14 each

Betty Crocker cake and brownie blend, select, $1.25

Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce, 10 oz can, $1.25

Old El Paso Refried Beans, 16 oz can, $1.25

Old El Paso Flour Tortillas, 8-10 count, $1.25

Old El Paso Taco Shells, select, 10-12 count, $1.25

Basic Truth Organic Spaghetti or Penne Pasta, 16 oz, $1.25

Harris Teeter Cheese Curls, 8 oz, BOGO for $1.34 each

Harris Teeter Potato Chips, 8 oz, select, BOGO for $1.34 each

Chex Mix, Gardetto’s Mix, select 7.5-8.75 oz, BOGO for $1.49 each – .50/2 coupon from 8/29 SS

Harris Teeter Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, select, 8 oz, BOGO for $1.49 each

General Mills oat, and Nature Valley Granola Bars, select

Deal: $1.50, limit 6

Coupons: $1/2 grain coupon from Coupons.com coupon, $1.50/3 oat coupon from 10/3 SS, $5 back from Coupons.com application when you burn through $25, .50/2 Nature Valley coupon from Coupons.com

Harris Teeter Lasagna, 12-16 oz, $1.50

Harris Teeter tortillas, 12.7-16 oz, $1.50

Heinz Yellow Mustard, 8-14 oz, $1.50

Gem Light Drink Mix Pitcher Packs, 2.9 oz, BOGO for $1.59 each

Harris Teeter Sodas, 12 pack jars, Buy 2 Get 3 Free = $1.59 every when you purchase 5, limit 10

Old El Paso Dinner Kits, select, BOGO for $1.64 to $2.24 each

Utz Pretzels, 16 oz, BOGO for $1.99 each

Triscuit or Wheat Thins, select 3.5-8 oz, BGOO for $2.39

Harris Teeter Grape Juice or Blends, 64 oz, $2.50

Nabisco Oreo Cookies, 10.1-15.25 oz, $2.50

Harris Teeter Coffee, select, 12 oz sack or 12 count single serve cups, $3.49

Doritos, Ruffles or Tostitos, 12-13 oz, $4

Polar Seltzer, 12 pack jars, $4

Arnold Wide Pan Breads, 24 oz, BOGO

Cheez-It Crackers, select 9-12.4 oz – $1/1 coupons from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com when you recover 850 focuses or $1/2 coupon from Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com in the coupons tab

Entenmann’s Mini Cakes, select, BOGO

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Treats, 9.5-13 oz, BOGO

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Toasted Chips or Crispers, select, BOGO

Pepsi Products, 12 pack jars, BOGO

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16 oz, BOGO

Private Selection Water or Entertainer Crackers, select 4.4-6 oz, BOGO

Thomas’ English Muffins, 12 – 13 oz, BOGO

Get $50 off at Fanatics when you purchase 4 taking part General Mills things. See advertisement for subtleties.


Regular Napkins 500 count, $2.49

Scott paper towels, 6 super rolls, $4.99

The deal costs above are legitimate with your Harris Teeter e-Vic reward card all things considered Raleigh, NC region areas. You can confirm the costs for your particular store online at HarrisTeeter.com. The rundown above isn’t an assurance of cost.

Harris Teeter copies coupons all week long naturally.

Coupons with an assumed worth of $0.99 or less are multiplied naturally regular (except if the coupon showed Do Not Double).

Harris Teeter will bend over to 20 coupons each day, per family.

Harris Teeter will bend over to 3 indistinguishable coupons (more likely than not expected item to go with every coupon).

BOGO deals ring up at reduced cost. On the off chance that you simply get one, it actually rings up at discount. You can utilize a coupon on everything in a BOGO bargain. Thus, on the off chance that you purchase 2 things that are BOGO, you can utilize two coupons (which is something awesome!).

Customers can’t utilize a coupon with a postponement.

IOUs lapse in 60 days.

Senior markdown: Seniors 60 and more seasoned get a 5% rebate each Thursday. Rebate applies after coupons are deducted.

Harris Teeter computerized e-coupons: Harris Teeter advanced coupons are accessible to load to your Vic card. These computerized coupons CANNOT be joined with paper producers’ coupons. They will not twofold.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupon Policy Basics

Harris Teeter offers the Super Doubles Promotion consistently. At the point when they offer the advancement, we will tell you before it begins. During the pandemic, Harris Teeter isn’t offering Super Doubles occasions.

  • HT ought to be Super Doubling coupons worth up to $2 face esteem. This implies that a $1.00 coupon will twofold to $2.00, a $1.50 coupon will twofold to $3.00 and a $2.00 coupon will twofold to $4.00!
  • HT starts super multiplying coupons at 7:00 AM on the principal day of the deal. 24 hour stores don’t really twofold coupons before 7:00 AM right off the bat (essentially that is the manner by which it has consistently worked previously). Your smartest choice is to get to the store before 7 am assuming you need to get the gifts and best arrangements. Certain individuals arrive at 6:15 am or prior and afterward stand by in line until the register permits coupons to start Super Doubling at 7 am.
  • HT will very twofold/bend over to 20 coupons for every family each day. Companion’s cards enlisted with a similar location are connected in light of the fact that the strategy is 20 for each family, each day. On the off chance that you have twenty $1 coupons and twenty .75 coupons, just 20 complete will twofold. They will not twofold 20 coupons that are under $1 and furthermore really twofold another 20 coupons that are more than $1. It’s 20 complete coupons that are $2 or less multiplied each day.
  • HT strategy is to bend over to 3 indistinguishable coupons (as long as you purchase the item needed for every coupon, obviously). Thus, in the event that you have five $1.00 coupons for an item, the arrangement is to just really twofold the initial three. The other 2 will be acknowledged at face esteem.
  • Printable coupons: HT will acknowledge 3 printable coupons for each like thing, per store, each day, as indicated by their approach. So in the event that you purchase 3 indistinguishable things and you have a printable coupon for everyone, you can utilize each of the three.
  • New Raincheck strategy as of March 29, 2017: Harris Teeter will presently not let clients join an IOU with a coupon for a similar thing. What’s more, IOUs currently lapse 60 days after they are given.
  • If your store is out of your #1 arrangements (and they will be out of some of them) ask the client support people when the following truck shows up so you know when they will restock.
  • Enjoy the arrangements you can get and kindly recall that a large number of the best arrangements will sell out rapidly. The stores will reorder those things, however regularly, the distribution center runs out so they can’t get the stock. If it’s not too much trouble, be pleasant to the store representatives as it isn’t their issue in case things are unavailable. Furthermore, in case you are amped up for your incredible arrangements, call Harris Teeter at their Customer Service number, send them an email by means of their site or post a remark to their Facebook page to express gratitude toward them. Glad Shopping!
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