PUBG Special Drops Contraband

PUBG Special Drops Contraband Coupon Event is now live


PUBG is ringing in the colder days with a Special Drops – Contraban Coupon event. Dress warm, go out there and spend those focuses.

We’ve said our goodbyes to summer and invited the cooler days with dreams of cut pumpkins and comfortable sweaters. Indeed, even the verdure in PUBG is by all accounts taking on the recognizable orange tones, and it is in view of this that we presently commend the appearance of another Special drop: Contraband Coupon Event. Players can battle for an opportunity to air out Contraband Crates utilizing Contraband Coupons by clearing day by day missions.


The warmth is clearly beyond us and the Battlegrounds appears to have a greater amount of an orange hint to its brambles and tree leaves. PUBG ushers you to the entryways of pre-winter with another Special Drops occasion: Contraband Coupon Event! Acquire the chance to open Contraband Crates with Contraband Coupons by clearing everyday missions.

PUBG’s most recent fight royale map, Taego, has in no time become one of the more well known objections in the game. Probably because of the overall nature of the guide and the way that it is just the third 8×8 in the game, it has become very well known and even has an occasion soon in the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown.

This authority esports occasion is a joint effort between Krafton, the makers of PUBG, and the foundation association LifePack. The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown is here to not just advance the new guide that has been in the fight royale game for a few months however share some generosity also.

The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown will occur on Friday, September 10, at 4 pm PT and element a portion of the top PUBG content makers and master players on the planet engaging it out for one day in particular. This straightforward contest will offer extraordinary fights and furthermore a few changes for the great.

The PUBG Taego Charity Showdown has been declared as a feature of the PUBG Change for Good drive, where Krafton expects to roll out some great improvement on the planet through the force of PUBG. For this situation, the esports competition is occurring on September 10 to fund-raise for a noble cause.


A portion of the top ability from around the globe will contend in the occasion together to fund-raise for a noble cause and roll out certain improvements in our reality. This is an incredible second to observe some extraordinary activity and see some change achieved through the cash raised. The players will contend in the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown for the chance to fundraise for the LifePack association. This is another drive committed to carrying Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) parcels to kids around the world.

On the planet, the main source of death generally speaking for youngsters is ailing health. This is an unequaled emergency that has just been exacerbated by the pandemic that is continuous across the globe. For each quarter of USD brought up in the occasion, LifePack will actually want to give one RUTF to a youngster out of luck.

What’s incredible is that Krafton is putting out certain motivators to get more players watching the PUBG Taego Charity Showdown and fund-raising for the youngsters deprived all throughout the planet. You will actually want to get some in-game rewards only for making an appearance on the stream.


Clear the accompanying four day by day missions during the occasion time frame to gather and trade focuses for the ideal prizes.

Mission Points

Arrangement 400 absolute harm to enemies. 20

Restore 1 teammate. 20

Endure 15 minutes in a solitary match. (incorporates time spent spectating your teammates.) 20

Arrive at top 10. 40


PC and control center:

PDT: October 1, 0 AM – October 10, 0 AM

CEST: October 1, 9 AM – October 10, 9 AM

KST: October 1, 4 PM – October 10, 4 PM


Exchange the focuses for a fitting measure of coupons. Counsel the table for extra subtleties:

Points 400 80 80 40

Item Contraband Coupon X 10 Contraband Coupon X 2 Contraband Coupon X 2 Contraband Coupon X 1


Q: Where is the occasion page?

Access the occasion page by tapping the Care Package symbol at the upper right corner of the primary entryway screen.

Message pop-ups are additionally sent through the warning community.

Focuses gained from every occasion will terminate once the occasion period closes so there’s no reason for storing. Go out and treat yourself.

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