Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market Coupons still available


The Herkimer County Office for the Aging actually has Farmers Market Coupons accessible. We need to send all coupons back that we have not given out by September 30th. The coupons are $20 and can be utilized at any neighborhood rancher’s market that partakes. We give a rundown of all the Farmer’s Market that take part in the program. The capabilities are recorded beneath.

In the event that you or anybody that you know meet all requirements to get the coupons if it’s not too much trouble, stop into our office and get them. On the off chance that you would prefer not to come into the workplace you can pull up out front and we will come out and give you the coupons.


These coupons support our nearby ranchers as well as give new nutritious produce to more established grown-ups. In the event that you have questions kindly reach us at 315-867-1121.

The Office for the Aging is situated at 109 Mary Street Herkimer NY first Floor

  • 60 years old or more established; AND

My month to month pay is at or underneath the government pay rules for my family

  • $1,986/month (for a one-individual family); Or
  • $2,686/month (for a two-man family); Or
  • $3,386/month (for a three-man family).

We have not gotten SFMNP checks from some other area this year.

We have had a delightful summer of ranchers market exercises… . numerous incredible food sources, excellent artworks and handcrafted things for the kitchen, shower, child and patio, produce in bounty and plants to develop our own food sources or make the yard more wonderful and a safe house of food for moths, butterflies, birds, and honey bees.

Delectable heated merchandise from new bread to pies, to treats and cakes, are colossally famous, similar to the jams of many flavors. Merchants who sell eggs, hamburgers, and canned salsas need to meet extraordinary permitting necessities and are greatly valued by clients.

While the new product and heated products should be devoured decently fast (or protected for some other time), and the flower bundles will most recent a week or something like that, there are numerous things intended to keep going quite a while and give long haul delight. There is such a huge amount to discover and appreciate at your Fayette County Farmers Market, and we have three additional weeks to take advantage of this uncommon local area occasion.

A portion of our merchants broadens their “business” past the Wednesday and Saturday markets, including from home deals. In case you’re keen on buying things after September, kindly converse with the singular sellers to figure out what may be conceivable.


Also, in case there were market exercises this year you especially appreciated (expressions, volunteers, things accessible) or you have ideas for working available one year from now, if it’s not too much trouble, address David (Jam Man/Market Manager) or Gwen (Info corner/co-market director). Your feedback and interest is abundantly valued.

The Market is open Saturday morning from 8:30 to early afternoon and is situated in the metropolitan parking area at the intersection of South Main and East roads. SNAP EBT food advantage cards and credit/check cards are acknowledged. Those utilizing the SNAP EBT card for food buy get coordinating with dollar “Produce Perks” tokens ($1 for $1) great just for natural products, vegetables, and food creating plants. So, “buy one, get one” for up to $25 each market day. Five-dollar coupons will be accessible again for Fayette County Farm Bureau individuals at every Saturday market; these can be spent at both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

The Cass County Local Food Policy Council (CCLFPC) is eager to extend their 2021 ranchers market coupons to be utilized at supported homestead represents the rest of 2021. Albeit the printed coupons demonstrate they are just redeemable at ranchers showcases in Cass County, as of Sept. 2, the coupons will likewise be redeemable at supported Cass County ranch stands.

The coupons were disseminated at schools, food storage rooms, and different occasions all through the mid year, and were initially intended to be recovered at Cass County’s four ranchers markets: Atlantic Farmers Market, Anita Farmers Market, Produce in the Park, and the Lewis Farmers Market at 3HO.

As of September, just Produce in the Park and the Lewis Farmers Market stay open, and the Cass County Local Food Policy Council is expecting to have more coupons reclaimed. Thusly, the CCLFPC is presently permitting the 2021 ranchers market coupons to be utilized at endorsed ranch stands.

To acknowledge the coupons, a homestead stand needs to round out a basic application accessible from Cass County Wellness Coordinator Brigham Hoegh through email at [email protected] or from the Cass County Iowa State University Extension office (805 W. tenth St Atlantic, IA 50022). The application guarantees the ranch stand will consent to just acknowledge coupons during determining business hours for produce become on their homestead.

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